When the rescuers met the dog, they were really shocked because he had the worst claws they had ever seen

Dog owners are well aware that it is necessary to trim their dogs’ claws as soon as they begin to touch the ground.

No animal should have to endure this type of anguish. The Mariton County rescuers recently came upon a puppy that really stunned them.

They had never seen somebody with claws as long as his. A dog that was 11 years old and had the longest claws the shelter staff had ever seen arrived in poor shape.

“The poor dog was in discomfort because some of his claws were so long that they even started to curl. They were already circling one another.”

Nobody knew how long Dosena had been in that state, but it was obvious that his claws needed treatment immediately and that they needed to be gently clipped.

Additionally, he had several cancers that need removal in the coming days.

It is a good idea to have the dog spayed in these situations since the tumors identified in the dog are frequently malignant.

He also had a limb abnormality that had likely been from birth on top of everything else.

Because he was easily able to utilize his leg, it appeared to them that this did not disturb him.

Now that she no longer has claws, our beautiful Docena is steadily making a full recovery.

We want to advise you one more to always measure the length of your pet’s claws.

Your pet’s or animal care veterinarian will undoubtedly assist you in this situation by determining whether or not it is OK to trim them.

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