When they heard someone crying underground, they demanded that the workers open the concrete floor…

Visitors to the Ararase Cultural Center in Brazil heard a strange noise one day. People began to complain and ask the guards to investigate what had happened because the sounds sounded like muffled screams.

The screams were similar to how to remove cat odor from sofas and shoes, but the kittens were never found. The workers looked everywhere, but they couldn’t find it. Someone suggested that the sounds were coming from underground, and it turned out that they were correct… 

Some people believe that if the animal is beneath the floor, nothing should be done. The majority, however, insisted on opening the floor.

They contacted the utility company, which dispatched a team to assess the situation. 

Workers used sound to determine the approximate location of the animal trap and began carefully breaking the floor. They discovered a pipe, cut it, and the screams became extremely loud. The kitten was taken directly from the pipe by the workers. 

The infant was taken to the hospital, but the rumblings resumed. 

Workers began banging on the pipe in search of the correct location. 

They discovered a second prisoner there. But they didn’t give up and eventually rescued four kittens, each of which became stuck in a different part of the pipe! 

It turned out that the babies were actually born on the roof, but somehow fell into the gutter pipe. They became trapped in various locations beneath the building and were apprehended. 

The children were fortunate that someone heard them and insisted on saving them. 

People immediately began to assist the rescued crumbs after hearing the news. 

The kittens are currently overcrowded in the shelter; as they grow, they will find a home. 

As many as 9 lives have been saved as a result of caring visitors and the utility company’s generosity!

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