When they met the dog, the poor animal was in even worse condition than they could have imagined…

LaCrystal Rike, who founded Friends of Reggie, once came upon a picture of a puppy that immediately attracted his eye.

The infant was in really poor health and was lying on a very filthy recliner.

He instantly set out to find the puppy after feeling really terrible for him.

He discovered that it was obviously not a safe area, especially for a dog, when he went there with the goal of discovering the malnourished puppy.

When Rike arrived, it was already dark. No matter how challenging it was, Rike knew that the dog needed him and that he had to act.

There was a shed where trash was thrown out. The seat that the dog had been sleeping on in all the photos was indeed there.

The dog, who was there with his companion Tessa and not by himself, was given the name Anike. It was a blue toy that he always took with him.

Sadly, the dog was in considerably worse shape than it had anticipated, being fully covered in ticks, underweight, and worn out.

The dog needed to be transported to the clinic right away since he also had a sizable infected wound.

For the veterans, it was the worst situation they had ever encountered.

Unluckily, they learned that this dog had served as a bait dog for target practice.

The dog’s jaw was opened by the vet, who revealed that nearly all of the dog’s teeth had been extracted to stop him from biting.

Rike found it all to be amazing. His entire body was covered in scars and sores, and the ticks made everything worse.

Everyone present was making every effort to give the poor puppy the best sense of security.

There was only one thing to do: torment him and discard him as trash.

He appeared to understand that he was at last in safe hands and that his horrific history would now be left in the past.

He was sent to a foster family a few days later to hasten his recovery. Of course, he also brought his preferred plush elephant with him.

Let’s hope that Anike gets better as soon as possible and gets to live the life he’s always wanted.

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