“When You Have Children, There’s No Time For Makeup.” Julia Roberts Talks Of Motherhood

The famous actress Julia Roberts has a large family. She is a mother of three. Hazel and Finneas, the elders, are twins and will turn 18 on November 28. Henry, the eldest son, is 15 years old. Her children are now all adults, and they have their independent lives and the end of school ahead of them.

When the kids were little, Julia spent her entire day taking care of them. She frequently acknowledged how challenging it was to be a mother to many kids during those times. She has experienced restless nights firsthand.

“There was no time left for me after my children were born. I guess I just had a lot of spare time before the kids were born; I wonder what I did with it. I didn’t appreciate him at the time, for sure. And right now, I don’t have time for a pedicure. Even while I frequently experience such joy from interacting with kids that you don’t even recall my unsightly nails (and no one really looks at our nails).

“It feels like you are the only one with the newborn twins in the world when you have to get up at three in the morning to soothe them. You’re struggling to stay upright and wonder, “Am I doing everything correctly? What time will it end?”

“There won’t be time to pack yourself if you have to gather three little kids to accompany them outside. It’s fortunate that I never felt the need to apologize before going to the store since this means that nothing has changed in my life. I consider myself successful if I have time to put some cream around my eyes before leaving the house.

“I’ve never had a job schedule where one shot would stop and the next would start right away. But if you have three toddlers over, you play nonstop with them—whether it’s puppet theater, role-playing a fairy tale, or something else. Mom works 24 hours a day as an actor at home.

“I have wet wipes in packets all throughout my home. No joke, they are three kids.”

“My full-time job when I’m not filming is being a housewife. Of course, there aren’t unicorns and rainbows everywhere all the time, but it still makes me happy.”

A fascinating truth is that Julia’s kids did not know for a very long time that their mother is a well-known actress. They just did not compare her to Vivian from Pretty Woman at home, where he assumed an entirely other personas: a loving mother without hair or cosmetics. They didn’t start to have suspicions until their youngest kid was nine years old and the twins were twelve, which was six years ago.

“Maybe it will seem funny, but in a way, our kids don’t stand out from other kids by having more interest, and this is quite wonderful. You must take your time learning everything and avoid trying to anticipate life’s occurrences. 

Julia also acknowledges that her daughter does not enjoy dressing up and applying makeup. They assembled the entire family in a restaurant one day. The daughter was on the phone as her father Daniel Moder was hunting for a tie:

“I said, ‘Oh, are you ready?'” Because her hair was only pulled back into a ponytail and all that, she didn’t seem finished in my opinion. Maybe some eyeliner, I thought. “Mom, I didn’t take eyeliner, what are you talking about?” she said. 

Robert once suggested to her daughter that she put on the Oscar-winning gown that she had worn when she played Erin Brockovich in the 2001 movie. The outfit turned out to be too large for Hazel.

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