Who comes first, the child or the husband?

Living in love, feeling love for yourself, and giving it to others is the key to having not just a successful marriage but also happy children.

This was the conclusion of David Code, a best-selling author of the psychology book “To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First” (Raising happy children, put your marriage first). He investigates the spouses’ connection and the type of children they will raise in it.

The author’s findings were simply too out of the ordinary for most of us. It comes out that couples must first and foremost focus on creating excellent relationships as a couple, that is, the spouse should come first, followed by the children.

David Code disproves the notion that there should be an ongoing emphasis on developing flawless children who conform to societal norms. According to the author, this can only happen in homes where parents prioritize each other and have a genuine love for each other.

It is happy spouses who can surround a kid with unconditional love and teach him that everything good in the world is built from such a state and produces the greatest results in a job, health, and relationships with other people. The youngsters will then grow up to be peaceful, balanced, and successful. And they already exhibit the same pattern of conduct in their personal life. In one of the forums, the subject of whether a spouse or a kid should come first was discussed.

The Internet user was pleased with the comparison.

“As they say on flights, put the mask on yourself first, then on the child,” Jonathan Roberts explains. Some parents place their children at the center of their relationships, which can lead to adult breakups or burnout.”

And what are your thoughts on this? What behavioral patterns have emerged in your family?

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