Who is Kate Middleton so beautiful into? You can’t run away from genetics – this is what her mother looks like

Kate Middleton has already given birth to three children, but this is hardly reflected in her graceful and slender figure.

Kate boasts an aspen waist, a toned tummy, and incredibly beautiful legs. Of course, part of her gratitude should be given to her perseverance and love for sports, but part must certainly go to her parents.

You can’t run away from genetics! What does a woman look like who managed to raise a real duchess from her daughter?

Meet Carol Middleton.

Despite the fact that Carol is a businesswoman, in 2011 it became known that her great-great-grandmother was the great-great-granddaughter of Sir Thomas Blakiston, and this, as you know, is a descendant of King Edward IV himself.

It is not surprising that Kate Middleton so easily merged into the image of the duchess because aristocratic blood has always been in her!

So, we compare Kate with her mother.

Just look at the legs of this 63-year-old beauty! You’ve seen these somewhere before, haven’t you? It can be seen that her physique really went to her mother. We don’t know if Carol goes in for sports, but she looks clearly not her age.

What about a smile? And here Kate looks like a mother! Good facial features allow these women to be closer to the people. They have, cause trust and desire to communicate with them. If you pay attention to the squint, then their eyes are similar. In Carol, due to age, it has become narrower, but common features are noticeable.

In addition to genetic similarities, there are many similarities in the style of women. For official events, like all members of the royal family and close people, they choose suits made of thick fabrics and hats. It is difficult to talk about the general taste here, so we decided to show it on the example of less official images. Both women prefer loose dresses made of flying fabrics. Such clothes make a noticeable emphasis on the waist, which both beauties can boast of.

As you can see, the “apple from the tree” did not fall far. And this is very good! Looking at Kate and Carol, it is easy to understand that they are relatives. I just want to call them sisters more than mother and daughter.

Bravo lady, you are amazing!

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