Whole Pack Of Dogs Sits Perfectly Still For Their Family Portrait

The pictures aren’t only adorable — they’re also pretty emotional

With — get ready for it — 11 dogs, one lady has accomplished the unthinkable. Anyone who has ever tried to get even one dog to remain still for a photo understands just how difficult it can be.

Release dog foster in Atlanta The Dodo received a list of the people in this photo from Melissa Lentz.

“Mia, Pancake, Paxton,” Lentz pronounced from top to bottom. Benji, Gizmo, Alex, Penny, Donny, Lula, Monroe, and Rudy are seen at the bottom, clockwise from the left.

Lentz said, “Gizmo, Donny, Monroe, and Rudy are mine,” even though seven of the canines pictured are foster dogs searching for homes. The fact that the perfect portrait is not an anomaly makes it even more astounding, maybe.

Lentz remarked, “I have a ton of these pictures.”

Lentz sometimes even succeeds in entering the gathering to capture the perfect shot. However, how does she accomplish something that is already difficult for people to do—take such perfect family portraits?

The unusual ties Lentz forms with the dogs seem to be part of her secret. While she takes the pictures, the dogs’ expressions toward her resemble their partnership in a way.

They just positioned themselves after I placed each one on the couch individually. added Lentz. “I don’t use anything, not even snacks or treats. I just request that they turn to face me.

The pictures aren’t only lovely; they’re also quite emotional since they capture the foster kids at a pivotal point in their lives when they’re learning how to feel at home with the longer-term hope that they would soon find their own permanent homes.

They were lucky to come across this dog whisperer who could help them on their journey.

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