Why are hares called crosseyed?

Hares have long been called crosseyed. But these animals themselves see perfectly, their eyes do not mow at all. So then why were the hares given such a nickname?

Wild hares look like domestic ones only at first sight. Wild hares’ hind legs are much more powerful, the ears are larger, and the body is more toned. You will never meet a wild plump hare.

In addition, wild hares are excellent at defending themselves. They have strong hind legs, with which they can fight off even a large bird of prey or a fox. Seasoned males reach large sizes and can defend their territory even from people. Females are smaller, but if there are babies in the hole, the mother can sacrifice herself and take the predator away from the home.

Wild hares are serious animals, but despite this, many consider them cute fluffy. This is due to their fellow rabbits, which have long become decorative pets.

Why is the hare crosseyed?

Crosseyed hares were nicknamed by hunters. They did this because these animals get away from the chase by jumping in zigzags. Because of these jumps, people called them crosseyed, they say they can’t run in a straight line, only obliquely.

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