Why did John Lennon not feel affection for his oldest child from his first marriage? The musician’s life’s mysteries

When discussing John Lennon’s private life, many people will recall his marriage to the outlandish Yoko Ono. Few individuals are aware of the musician’s second marriage, though. Cynthia was Lennon’s classmate and his first wife. 

She was a model student and a hard worker, and he was a genuine bully, so their love story read like a romantic movie plot. And it appeared that they could not possibly have anything in common, but love sentiments persisted. Lennon thought it was simply another fling because they were both young. However, Cynthia’s pregnancy forced him to marry her.

The Beatles were only starting to gain popularity at the time he began his musical career. Many believed that the band’s popularity would decline as a result of Lennon’s marriage and child. The musician wed Cinthia despite the producers’ efforts to convince him otherwise. 

Cynthia had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the quiet, private wedding. Only at home was she John Lennon’s wife. The girl was afraid to tell anyone what had happened. She married for love, thus she was content and did not complain. Julian, their son, was born shortly after. The singer was not present when his son was born, and even his christening was performed without the artist’s presence. 

Lennon frequently vanished either on tour, in the studio, or making music. He wasn’t always home. Cynthia recognized everything and agreed to it. She was aware of her husband’s drug use and his betrayals.

She complied with his instructions, nevertheless, and stood at his side. Insanely jealous, Lennon kept tabs on his wife’s whereabouts and interactions. Julian seemed to be invisible to him because of how little time he spent with him. He once claimed that a bottle of alcohol was the only reason his son was born. The boy was angered by this. 

Lennon soon requested a divorce from Cynthia. He slept around with Yoko Ono. Cynthia understood that this was it. The second son, Sean, was soon born to the singer. Lennon did not abandon his son; instead, he gave him all of his free time. He quietly vanished from the boy’s life; he didn’t even remember Julian. 

Julian does not harbor resentment toward his father despite this. He’s 57 years old right now. He opted to learn music after falling in love with it thanks to his father. He cared for his mother to the end of her life and was always kind to her. 

Despite being equally as famous as his father, Julian chose a different path. Julian made an effort to stay away from women, alcohol, and conflicts. He developed into a respectable adult and even grew close to his brother Sean.

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