Why do I put a “bag” of salt in the washing machine with every wash

I always put a bag of salt in the washing machine when I wash clothes. I tell you why

For one wash in the washer, you need only one tbsp. l. salt, but only large, since the small one dissolves too quickly, and it is required not only during washing, but also when rinsing.

I take a handkerchief and sprinkle salt on it.

I tie a scarf in the form of a bag so that the salt does not wake up. The picture below shows how I do it.

Then I place a bag of salt on top of the things that I have already put in the drum.

I select the desired washing mode and turn on the machine. And I go to do my own business or relax.

So why do we need salt?

And it is needed so that things do not lose color and do not shrink during washing, as well as from yellowness on white things.

If you decide to wash the tulle, then add salt and you will see an amazing result after the first wash. The tulle will turn white as snow again as if it had just been bought.

You may not believe it, but salt perfectly softens the water. This is written in many sources.

These are the reasons that force me to add salt during washing. I also know that salt is added to the dishwasher instead of the famous Calgon, which has no effect.

There have been times when people’s dishwashers broke down and had to buy a new ones. So Calgon is a waste of money and a lot of it.

Even our grandmothers added salt when soaking things in a basin. Therefore, they always had white things snow-white, and colored things that were bright.

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