Why don’t dogs like to go for walks?

There is a common misconception that all dogs enjoy walking and would rush to their owner at the mention of the word. However, it has been discovered that there are dogs in the world who do not enjoy walking. Let us investigate why this occurs.

Behavior change

If your dog used to like going for walks but has recently lost interest, this might be an indication of a health problem. In addition, if you detect any behavioral issues or a change in your dog’s activities, experts recommend that you call your veterinarian. Reluctance to walk may indicate that the dog is in discomfort and finds it difficult to move around, and he may have an injury.

Sensitivity to weather

Some dogs are more sensitive to weather changes and may prefer to go outside just during specific periods of the year. Dogs with thick coats, for example, have a difficult time walking in hot and humid conditions. When going for a stroll in the cold weather, older, short-haired, and little dogs are bothered. If your dog refuses to go outside as the weather becomes cooler, try investing in dog-specific winter clothing and boots.


The most prevalent causes for dogs refusing to walk are stress and anxiety. Some dogs become anxious while strolling near busy roads, playgrounds, and the sounds of automobiles and the street. If the dog is panting excessively, his tail is tucked in, and his ears are flattened, he is most likely agitated from walking. The owner must actively socialize the dog in this situation.


Many dogs like taking the same daily stroll. However, some dogs enjoy exploring new environments, and if they become tired with visiting to the same spots, they become less enthusiastic about going for walks. In this scenario, consider taking your dog to a new location to familiarize him with the new surroundings and scents. It’s also a good idea to play dog training games and learn new tricks to keep your pet entertained.

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