Why this girl married a man 35 years older than her

Their families and friends will never stop criticizing them

The girl’s decision sparked a huge wave of criticism among her family and friends. She later recorded a video where she explained why she chose to marry the older man.

Britney met James at the casino. The man noticed her, when the young girl ordered 9 sandwiches at once. This is quite unusual for a casino. James asked the student out for a breakfast somewhere else, and Britney didn’t refuse him.

They went to a restaurant. James was polite, respectful and managed to win the girl’s heart. Britney didn’t refuse James’ offer of a second date. Some time later, their relationship grew stronger and stronger.

The couple have been dating for 14 months already, constantly facing everyone’s criticism.

“People think I’m dating James because of his money. I mean, yes, he gave me a Maserati, but that’s not the point. I love James as a person!”, explained Britney.

James also believes that Britney loves him for who he is. The man doesn’t deny providing Britney with money. But he finds it absolutely natural.

However, James’s daughters do not support their father’s decision. They think Britney loves only their father’s money.

The couple is preparing for a wedding. Guess they can never stop the disapproval and criticism of their family and friends.

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