Will Smith appeared in public with his wife and children for the first time since the fight at the Oscars!

Will Smith, an American actor, attended the Antoine Fuqua-directed film “Emancipation”‘s premiere together with his wife and children. Smith plays a key role in this film. Smith’s images were released by the ERA photo agency.

This is the actor’s first outing at a social event since he skipped the main “Oscar” ceremony in March 2022 because of his wife, according to the TODAY publication.

On March 28, Oscars host Chris Rock questioned singer and actress Jada Pinette about if being set to film the movie “Soldier Jane” had anything to do with her new haircut. Smith considered the host’s joke or question to be offensive and inappropriate.

He couldn’t hold back his anger, so he got up on stage and attacked the comic. On his social media pages, Pinette openly admits that she is losing her hair as a result of a medical ailment.

Smith sent a fitting statement on Instagram as a formal apology for his behavior that day.

Following the issue, Smith made known that he was leaving the Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences. According to Academy President David Rubin, the organization accepted Smith’s resignation.

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