Wise quotes by Tina Turner. Amazing singer and smart woman! (video)

This amazing woman and one of the greatest singers of our time conquered the world with her drive, fantastic vocals, and passionate dances! There is no second one! It is worth noting that Tina is not just a talented singer, but also a smart woman. These quotes are proof of that.

1. I have learned to be happy regardless of men.  This is quite rare in real life. I was made happy by my success. I don’t really believe that any man could make me happy.

2. If you take care of yourself, no matter how old you are – 40, 60, or 70, you will always look good.

In today’s world, you can afford to look the age you want.

3. Past trends will make you look older.  Keep up with the times, buy new things that suit you, and you will feel younger.

4. I will never succumb to old age until I am old.

5. To be on the true path and not deviate from it, you need to have those who pray for you, in whose hearts you are. The people of the world must have spirituality and faith. You need to understand who you are in order to get on the true path and remain a bright person.

6. I became much stronger, raised children, and survived hard times. I am happier now than I ever imagined.

7. Happiness is a state of mind and your conscious choice. We have the right to be happy and decide for ourselves whether to be happy or not. What’s more, happiness can be “contagious.”

Try to surround yourself with happy people, and you will be surprised how quickly an atmosphere of happiness will reign around you.

Despite her age, this gorgeous woman continues to perform on stage and delight the audience. Talent from God!


In this video, the artist is 78 years old and she is amazing!


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