“With a Double Chin And Huge Belly”: What Does Beautiful Julia Ormond Look Like Now?

Her once slender figure is no longer visible

Talented and well-liked British actress Julia Ormond was in high demand in Hollywood. She performed in notable parts with well-known actors and even collaborated with renowned director Nikita Mikhalkov on the movie “The Barber of Siberia.”

Her career was full of outstanding performances, and she received great praise for all of her cinematic work.

Ormond hasn’t been seen in any recent movies, though.

Instead, she has devoted her time to assisting people in need via social work and philanthropy. Many people recall her as a classy, lovely actress with great hair. Ormond always seemed perfect.

But over the past few years, things have altered significantly, surprising her supporters.

Julia Ormond appears to be hardly recognizable today.

She has put on quite a bit of weight. Many people were shocked when a new image of the actress began to circulate online.

Her untidy appearance—a stretched T-shirt, leggings, and an untidy bun on her head—surprised everyone.

Her once-slender form has vanished. Ormond herself doesn’t appear to be upset by it, though.

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