Woman Abandons Conventional Living, Crafts Amazing Tiny Mobile Home for Only $9K

Rita Marie Carr has an interesting story of change and finding herself.

She used to live and work in busy Denver, Colorado, doing a corporate job for an engineering company. Her daily routine involved living in a tall apartment building and going to the office every day.

But things changed when she started working from home. Rita decided to live in her Jeep Wrangler. This experience made her realize how much she enjoyed the freedom of the open road, different landscapes, and the ability to work from anywhere. This made her question her old way of life.

During this time, she got the idea of having a permanent mobile home. That’s when she found Wilbur, a cute pink Ford minibus. With a budget of around $9,000, Rita transformed Wilbur into a cozy living space, being resourceful by using recycled materials and finding good deals.

Wilbur has multiple doors, which are not just practical but also represent Rita’s many adventures. She had to replace the original doors after a problem during a fast journey, and she chose glass panel doors, adding a modern touch and blurring the line between inside and outside.

One special door leads to something unique: an outdoor shower. Rita loves showering under the open sky, whether she’s at a beautiful campsite or a quiet spot in nature.

Inside Wilbur, Rita’s artistic side is evident in her interior design choices. She has a mini art studio, a space where she can indulge in her art. The Jeep didn’t have enough space for her creative side, but now, with Wilbur, she can paint, create, and let her artworks dry.

Efficiency is crucial in a tiny home. Rita’s living area has a dual purpose – during the day, it’s a cozy lounge, and at night, it turns into a snug bedroom for her and her two dogs. The couch, placed by the side door, offers stunning views for sunrise and sunset moments.

Rita’s kitchen is full of character, with a two-burner stove and a hammock holding fresh produce. The standout feature is her innovative sink – instead of a traditional faucet, she uses a transparent glass jar and a rustic bucket, adding utility with a touch of nostalgia.

While Wilbur is her home, Rita’s Jeep Wrangler is still an essential part of her journey. She uses it for short explorations, getting supplies, or enjoying off-road adventures. If you’re curious about Rita’s mobile home, you can watch a detailed house tour video below to get inspired!

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