Woman Constructs Affordable £1000 Earthen Home for Simple Living in the Welsh Woods

We go to the wild woods of Wales to meet an amazing woman who lives close to nature. She built her own earthen home for just £1000. In her home, there’s no electricity, running water, internet, or phone. But she says it’s not a sacrifice; she feels like she’s living in luxury in her dream home.

Emma’s house is very simple, like a hobbit home. It’s made of straw and cob with a living roof. She does everything she needs and nothing she doesn’t. She cooks on an open fire, gets water from a nearby stream, and uses candlelight at night.

She bathes in the river or in a wood-fire bathtub she fills from the stream. Her composting toilet looks out over the beautiful woods.

Some might call this off-the-grid living, but it’s more than that – there’s no grid at all. Emma doesn’t use complex solar systems, water pumps, or rainwater harvesting.

She doesn’t need lights, charged devices, or running water like we do in our modern lives. Visiting Emma feels like going back in time.

Emma’s story is a reminder of how little we really need to be happy. It also shows how much we sometimes give up to have the things we think we need.

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