Women Adopts A Squirrel And Becomes Inseparable

Meet Bunk – a squirrel that Patty Robinson just took in as her own. She fell in love with the squirrel the moment she first spotted her in her backyard.

She looked everywhere for the mother of the child but was unsuccessful. So she made the decision to provide the child with a home.
The two quickly grew closer than ever.

According to her, the moment she held the infant, he began to dissolve in her hands. He was placed in her pocket, but the infant quickly escaped. She came up with his name at that point.

Later, she made the decision to set him to go, but after five days, Bunk returned in fear. She made a couple more attempts to release the infant before giving up since he kept coming back.

Squirrels make poor pets because they bite and cost a lot to maintain. Patty, though, loves him too much to be upset.

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