“Wrinkles, Frowns And Chapped Lips”: Pamela Anderson Boldly Went Out Without Makeup

This Is How She Looks Like In The Morning!

Pamela once again dazzled on the streets of California on February 4 when she attended a news conference with journalists. She opted for a traditional look that all American ladies adore: pants, sandals, and a gray coat.

The 55-year-old diva was wearing no makeup, brazenly displaying wrinkles on her forehead and in the space between her eyebrows as well as a little deformity of her lips.

However, her face caught the majority of eyes. Her lips “curled” inward as a result of the several injections, which furthered her aging process. The 55-year-old actress, however, is obviously devoid of complexes because she was joined by her son and acted naturally and at ease.

She appeared intriguing and stunning while sporting black spectacles, and her beautiful appearance imparted intellect to her.

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