“Years fly by”: Fans of Angelina Jolie were upset when they saw her fresh pictures

Recently, the appearance of A. Jolie has been actively discussed in various media. Something incomprehensible is happening in the personal life of the actress: first, she divorced B. Pitt, then reconciled, and later the couple broke up again.

Fans and journalists are trying to get at least some truthful information from this whole situation.

So, a few days ago, not the best photo of Angelina got on the Web. The Hollywood star looked very tired and completely unlike herself.

The people in the comments are divided into two camps. Loyal fans supported the star, noting that she is still beautiful. Others felt that Jolie had serious health problems, which affected her appearance.

The premiere of the film “Maleficent 2” will soon take place, in which Angelina played a key role.

What do you say, dear readers? Share your opinion in the comments!

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