Yesterday I witnessed a very brave act at a crosswalk

My husband and I witnessed an act yesterday that not everyone will dare to do. The situation is horribly banal. Pedestrian crossing near Azure. Three rows of cars. A woman with a stroller crosses the road to Azure.

The far left lane stopped to pass. On average, a Toyota car stopped, silver, license plate – I don’t remember the letters, the numbers 520. A woman with a stroller in the middle of the road. And along the extreme right lane, a boy in a car “flies”…

So the driver of the Toyota, seeing all this, simply turns the steering wheel sharply to the right, blocking the way for the flyer, thereby covering the woman with his car. The flyer miraculously managed to slow down. So, I then thought for a long, long time: could I do this or not?

You have no idea how many drivers then honked this 520 with their thumbs up!

This, I think, is an act! After that, I realized that not everything is lost with us, there is still humanity in people!

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