You won’t recognize this beauty! How did the elderly actress from “Titanic” look like in her youth?

For her role as the aged Rose in James Cameron’s film, Gloria Stewart received an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Both awards ended up going to Kim Basinger for L.A. Confidential, but Stewart was pleased that her work was recognized. In “Titanic” the actress played at the age of 86 years. We tell how Gloria looked at the peak of her career.

Gloria Stuart was born July 4, 1910, in Santa Monica. Her acting career lasted more than 70 years, however, with a long break. Over the years, she managed to become a star in theater, cinema, and television.

Gloria’s debut on the big screen took place when she was 22 years old. The first major contract for the aspiring beauty actress was offered by Universal Studios. Young Stewart was so pretty that she was one of thirteen girls on the list of the WAMPAS Baby Stars advertising campaign.

Gloria Stewart’s career developed rapidly. She fascinated director James Vail, appearing in several of his films “The Old Dark House”, “The Invisible Man” (the role of Flora Crane became one of the most famous), and “Kiss in front of the mirror”.

In 1933, 23-year-old Gloria Stuart became one of the founders of the US Screen Actors Guild.

A career at Universal Studios did not go the way the actress would have liked, and she signed a contract with 20th Century Fox. The 1930s were incredibly productive for Gloria. In 1933 alone, nine films with her participation were premiered. And in just this decade, she played in 28 films (“Rebecca from Sunnybrook Farm” and “Poor Little Rich Girl” with Shirley Temple, “Prisoner of Shark Island” and others)!

In the same years, Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Judith Barrett, Francis Drake, and Thelma Todd shone in Hollywood. Gloria Stuart was not inferior to them either in talent or beauty.

The Second World War intervened in her career as an actress. In difficult years, Gloria practically did not act in the film. In addition, it was necessary to take care of the little daughter Sylvia (by that time Stewart was already married to screenwriter Arthur Sheekman). To make ends meet, the Hollywood star got a job as a salesman in a furniture store.

In the mid-1940s, Gloria returned to the cinema, but she did not play as much as at the peak of her career. And a couple of years later she said that she was tired of filming.

The actress sharply rejected all new scripts, over time, Hollywood realized that they were wasting time on her, and Stewart was left alone.

Gloria devoted the next three decades to writing books and painting, which literally fell ill in the early 1950s. The paintings of the ex-actress were exhibited in galleries in New York and other major cities in the US and Europe. And Stuart published her own books herself – on a manual machine! Circulations were minimal and diverged at the moment.

After taking a break from cinema for three decades, the actress returned to the big screen in 1975. After she appeared in several major television projects. In 1982, the premiere of the film “My Best Year” with Gloria Stuart and the legendary Peter O’Toole took place.

In 1997, the second high point in Stewart’s career happened – the audience saw James Cameron’s Titanic. The famous actress got the role of the aged Rose ( Kate Winslet played the young one ). At the audition, the director asked Gloria to be without makeup. To which the actress replied that for the sake of working with James, she was generally ready to be naked.

For a week of work on the set, the oldest actress received 10 thousand dollars. By the way, Gloria became the only participant in the project who was already living at the time of the Titanic crash in 1912.

In 1998, Titanic won 11 Oscars, and Gloria Stuart was named one of the 50 most attractive people in the world by People magazine.

A year later, Stewart’s autobiography, I Just Keep Hoping, was published, and a year later, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2004, Gloria last appeared in the feature film – was “Land of Plenty”.

At the age of 95, Stewart was diagnosed with lung cancer. But she tried not to pay attention to a serious illness. Due to her age, the actress no longer starred, only occasionally giving interviews. At Gloria Stewart’s 100th birthday in 2010, James Cameron was among the other celebrity guests.

The actress passed away on September 26, 2010, due to respiratory failure. Shortly before her death, Gloria Stuart received a special award from the Screen Actors Guild of America for “boundless devotion to cinema.”

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