Your Hand Can Tell What Kind Of Children You Will Have In The Future!

There is no specific age for becoming parents, it depends on the expectations of each person, but, as a rule, this is the age from 25 to 35 years.

One of the ways we can know how many children we will have is literally in our hands!

All we have to do is make a fist and see how many certain lines appear at the base of our little finger. Children’s lines are vertical lines just below the base of the little finger. In Chinese palmistry reading, they indicate the number of children a person may have in the future and their life status.

If the line of children has the shape of a fork at the end, this is a sign of twins. High chances that you will have twin babies!

Deep and wide lines indicate the birth of boys!

Thin and narrow lines are signs that you will have a girl!

Bends at the beginning of the “line of children” usually indicate that children will be weak and often fall ill at an early age.

The kinks at the end of the “line of children” indicate that children will be difficult to raise.

Curved baby lines are a sign of poor physique in children who often get sick.

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