A riddle that will break your brain, which way do you think this dark horse is facing?

Try not to overthink the answers. Choose the one that comes to your mind first.



If it seems to you that the horse is looking directly at you

You have a developed left hemisphere of the brain. And this means that you are inherent in analytical thinking. You easily memorize a large amount of information, form hypotheses, and memorize numbers and numbers. In life, above feelings, you put reason and logic.

If you see that the horse’s head is turned to the horizon

You have developed the right hemisphere of the brain. Your creativity is more developed. You do not follow patterns and perceive metaphors, symbols, and images better. You are a person of emotions. Most likely, as a child, you had talents such as drawing, musical abilities, etc. You choose friends and a couple for their personal qualities, and not based on their position in society.

You can easily switch from one type to another

This means that both hemispheres are quite well developed in you. You combine both types of people. Congratulations, you perfectly balance reason and feelings.

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