A shabby dog ​​was pressed into the corner, she was shaking from fear, hunger, and cold

There were about 2,000 dogs in the shelter, but this one stood out among the relatives. Our today’s heroine’s name is Harit. When the other dogs played, she sat quietly in the corner, like a motionless statue. Her muzzle expressed universal sadness, and the fur was too dirty. All the dogs ended up in the shelter in different ways, some were caught, and some were rescued from trucks going to the slaughterhouse. The organization that keeps the dogs is owned by a pet rescue woman. Baby Haret was found in the month of May in an abandoned house, she pressed herself into a corner, trying to hide from the whole world. When the volunteer saw the dog, she reached out her hand to pet it. The animal sat motionlessly. It was clear that the little girl needed help. Her fur was stained with feces, the dog was painfully thin and very frightened.

As soon as the pet felt that nothing bad should be expected from the volunteers, she threw herself into the arms of people. Rescuers thought the dog was just a grown puppy because it turned out to be very small. But it turned out that the animal was already 8 months old, just Harit did not grow well due to malnutrition. Fortunately, the baby did not have any serious health problems.

She was shaved to get rid of matted fur and then bathed. Then Harit was placed in a shelter for a couple of months so that she could recover and gain strength. Volunteers noticed that the baby is tranquil and obedient. During the haircut, she behaved very calmly, without showing any aggression. Soon the moment came when the dog was ready to search for a home. A caring girl noticed the girl. She says that the sad sight of the animal touched her so much that she immediately wanted to hug the dog.

Now Harit lives with Rosa. The girl even travels with a pet.

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