A skinny, lonely, and hungry kitten warmed up under the side of an old dog

In the courtyard of a multi-story residential building there lived a dog who knew all the locals. He used to live with an elderly grandmother. Where she got it from, and how she called him, no one knew. The pensioner was not a talkative woman, she did not sit on a bench with other old women, she did not gossip, and did not tell anyone about herself. After the old woman passed away, her daughter took the pet to her. She lived in another city, three hundred kilometers from this place.

Tuzik did not want to go, resisted, whined, and a week after his departure showed up in the yard. He whined for a long time under the door until the neighbor, who had the keys to the apartment, let him in.

Having burst into the apartment like a whirlwind, Tuzik ran around all the rooms, poked his nose into the bed of the hostess, sat down, and howled.

The neighbor was moved, she cried, but she did not endure the dog’s howl for a long time, turned the dog out of the apartment, and closed the door.

It seems Tuzik understood. He no longer entered the entrance, he simply lay down in the yard near the old sheds and did not get up again

.We came to look at him, discussed what to do with him, and brought food, but he did not react to us.

He was preparing to follow the mistress and our opinion about this intention did not interest him.

So he was lying one day when a kitten approached him. God knows where he came from in our yard, dirty, skinny, with bloodshot eyes and a nasty voice.

At that moment, quite by chance, I was nearby, so I could see everything.

The old dog was lying, not paying any attention to the skinny creature, but the little rogue, who, apparently, was so hungry that he was not going to be afraid of some dog, came close to him and yelled in his nasty voice right into the dog’s face.

Tuzik raised his head. For a while, he looked at the impudent, then opened his mouth and … licked him.

A few minutes later, the kitten, licked and warmed, was sleeping at the side of the old poodle.

Touched, I called my wife and asked her to take out the milk.

I wanted her, too, to see this touching picture of a tiny kitten basking at the side of an old dog whom she met two minutes ago.

We did not look for a home for the kitten, just now the whole yard was taking out food for the poodle and the kitten, dividing it into two piles for friends.

My wife and I left that city six months after this incident, but I believe that old Tuzik and a handsome young man named Leopold are still friends.

Also in the evenings, Tuzik licks Leopold like a caring nanny, also Leopold attacks his friend from around the corner, and the inhabitants of our yard still love them.

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