Alzheimer’s Quiz: Try to find the snake and the dog in the pictures

Today we want to bring to your attention the test for Alzheimer’s, which has already been repeatedly present on our channel. However, similar tests that we offered you to pass earlier were not “fresh” and dated back to 2005. A new test has been released recently, we hope that you will like it, we ask you to compare the tests after passing and leave your comments.

Conditions under which the test should be performed: The optimal time is 20 seconds, but not required.

We increased the time to complete the test:

  • Test 1 – 39 seconds
  • Test 2 – 56 seconds

However, scientists calculated the exact time in order to cope with the task. The result was the time: 1 minute and 30 seconds, this time is considered optimal.

Let’s just say it’s the norm! If this limit is exceeded, for your own peace of mind, it is better to contact a specialist.

We begin!  On the image of the 1st test, giraffes are drawn. But, among them, there is a snake that must be found in the time suggested above. Record the results and go to the comments.

The picture of the 2nd test shows a herd of sheep, among which a dog hid. Your task is to find this dog. Post only honest comments and test answers.

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