And what time do you wake up? The most unexpected result is waiting for you!

Sleep determines a lot in our lives, and the habits associated with sleep are especially eloquent. What time you go to bed, how you sleep and what time you are used to getting up also characterizes you from a certain point of view.

4 a.m. and before

Most likely, your life is full of stress, you hate your job, but you can’t do anything about it, because you need to earn a living. You hate your boss and look forward to the day when you don’t have to go to hard labor.

5 a.m.

You are preoccupied with punctuality and are afraid of being late, even if it makes the whole schedule crazy. Nearly every day of your life is fueled by coffee, and you can’t remember the last time it was easy for you to get up and get through the day.

6 a.m.

Congratulations! You are a very disciplined person. Even if you start work quite late, you like to start the morning with a clean slate and be able to do your favorite things: sports, reading, daydreaming. This suggests that you know how to properly prioritize.

7 a.m.

Methodical and organized people get up at 7 am. It doesn’t matter what time you need to get down to business, you will get up early. You are aware that you need to put yourself in order, have breakfast like a human being, and therefore a couple of extra hours will not hurt

8 a.m.

You are from the “working from 9 to 6” category. Your life is rather boring and monotonous because you constantly feel that work is pressing on you. First of all, your family and social life suffer from this.

9 a.m.

You also have a 40-hour workweek, but you are a disorganized person. Before you get up, you set your alarm clock at least twice. The day is spent complaining about work and daydreaming about a vacation with friends somewhere warm and nice.

10 a.m.

Most likely, you belong to the category of creative owls: at first, you sit at work until two-three in the morning, and then you get enough sleep in the morning. For your biological clock, this is not so harmful, since all the most wonderful ideas come at night.

11 a.m.

Getting up at 11 is mainly typical for people working the night shift. Therefore, there is nothing shameful or surprising here. Another thing is if you yourself spoil the normal rhythm of life.

12 o’clock in the noon

Already noon is approaching, but Herman is not there. And all because Herman sits at the computer until late, reads a book, or watches TV. And so on until 5 am. The final touch to the portrait of Herman can be called love for fast food and other junk food.

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