As a man calls a girl, so he feels! Psychological testing of a partner

Every woman wants to know what her man lacks in a relationship. After all, girls always strive for an ideal union, and for this, you need to “get into the head” of a partner. Did you know that everything is on the surface? It is enough for psychologists to notice how a man calls a girl, and a specialist can immediately tell about the relationship of the couple. How do they do it? We will reveal the secret to you!

Why does a man call me…

If you haven’t asked yourself this question, then it’s time. Should you turn on your powers of observation and remember how your loved one calls you most often?

You can do the following:

1. For three days, write down in your notebook different words that a man calls you.

2. Then, calculate the most frequently used “nicknames”. This is more than 8-10 times!

3. There may be several. If so, then read the transcript of a few words.

Are you ready to find out what your lover lacks, and what you deprive him of? Perhaps everything is completely different and you give him everything and even more!

Reading the results

It is very important to take all psychological transcripts as good advice. If you take everything with hostility, then you will only aggravate the situation and you can even withdraw into yourself.

If a man calls you “the sun” – the lover has sincere love, tenderness, and lively interest for you.

Do you often hear “darling”? – a man attaches less importance to feelings, but at the same time, he appreciates your confidence and admires your constancy.

Does your man call you “Honey”? – his feelings are in perfect harmony and emotions are always controlled by the mind. He needs guarantees for a good relationship.

What else does psychology say if a beloved man calls you other “nicknames”?

Baby – looks down on you and wants to set boundaries in your relationship.

Baby girl – feels only attraction to you.

Beloved – your man is very sensitive and takes relationships seriously.

Princess – you are still a child for him, but he simply adores you.

Cutie – not sure of his feelings, but wants to understand.

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