“Beautiful, But a Lot of Photoshop!”: Penelope Cruz Only in Shorts on The Cover of The Magazine Stunned Fans!

Penelope often wore eye-catching clothing to highlight her slender figure.

Penelope Cruz, 48, opted to take candid pictures for gloss. The actress only wore shorts when she spoke to the camera.

The Vanilla Sky actress takes excellent care of herself. Penelope often wore eye-catching clothing to highlight her slim form. To participate in a picture session for Dust Magazine, Penelope consented. In front of the camera, the Hollywood movie star was practically entirely nude.

The stylists made style with a small hint of carelessness and loosened the artist’s lengthy hair. The eyes were the focal point of the makeup. Only shorts were worn by the model. The Spanish model pulled them up, showing off her trim waist and flat tummy.

Cruz faced the camera while slanting and covering her chest with her hands. The “Bandidas” actress bravely turned to face the camera. Happy Holidays! Its caption was written by Penelope.

One of the book’s covers will include the actress’s exact photograph. Tina Kunaki, Amber Valletta, and other Hollywood celebrities all praised her appearance.

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