Brain IQ Test: Can you find the word WINTER from this picture?

You have 10 seconds to identify the word “WINTER” that is concealed in the string of letters. Optical Illusion pictures are for people who enjoy taking on difficulties since they take focus and you can’t complete these challenges in the allotted time without them.

The word “WINTER” is concealed somewhere in the image we’ll share with you for the IQ test, and you have to find it. You probably won’t notice the term right away at first. But after a short while, you might be able to spot a word that was intentionally buried in the picture. Even the most keen-eyed individuals are finding this brain teaser to be difficult. When we shared this image with our readers, 90% of them were unable to uncover all four of the concealed words, but 10% of them did so promptly. Now it’s your turn to try and find them within the allotted time.

Did you find the word “WINTER” hidden there?

Let us give you a hint that will help you a little.

Hint: The word is hidden next to the 6th column of the picture.

Cheers to everyone who discovered the secret word “WINTER,” and for those who are still searching, the solution is provided below. Answer to the IQ test.


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