Brain Puzzle: Connect the same letters without crossing the lines in 20 seconds

You must link the letters in the incredible puzzle we’ve created for Puzzle Challenge today to put your brain to the test. You probably think this is really simple, but you have to link the identical characters in the given challenge without going outside of the lines, and you only have 20 seconds to do it.

Brain teasers are fascinating because they contain a variety of challenges that, despite their apparent simplicity, need our attention and require us to think carefully in order to solve them. Three letters, A, B, and C, are repeated twice in the problem we’ve got for you today. Simply connect the identical letters together without crossing them to complete the sentence.

You are a genius if you were able to figure it out in less than 20 seconds. Your time has begun; move quickly. Have you combined the identical letters? Still attempting to join them, are you? If so, move quickly. Hold on, your time is up. If you are able to link the identical letters in under 20 seconds, you are great; if not, don’t be disheartened; we will reveal the answer.

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