Brain Teaser: Can you spot the odd one frock in 12 seconds?

There is a picture of a variety of frocks in this Brain Teaser Puzzle challenge, and your task is to identify the unusual frock among them. When you initially saw this image, you probably assumed that all of these dresses were the same color and form, but that is not the case at all. You only have 10 seconds to solve this puzzle, which requires focus.
Brain teaser puzzles have been shown to be an excellent way to improve focus and mental acuity. This picture has a total of 7 rows and 13 columns. Each of these four rows has an unusual outfit, and you have just ten seconds to discover it.

Are you up for the challenge of the optical illusion? 

This challenge will now begin.

Your allotted ten seconds have begun.

Have you identified the image’s oddball dress?

You can get the solution if you carefully examine the image.

Stop! Time is up.

A big congrats to you if you were able to identify the odd one-out dress from the picture. If you’re still having trouble finding it, look at the highlighted portion of the image for the answer.

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