Enjoying her first free walk after being freed from chains is a blind elephant! (video)

One of the noblest and most compassionate animals in the world is the elephant. However, a lot of elephants suffer as a result of human cruelty and avarice. But thankfully, some individuals still have sympathy for animals and work to help them. 

As time goes on, people come to see that animals require assistance and establish reserves with natural habitats. 

A blind elephant is rescued and given permission to take her first free walk in the reserve in a Wildlife SOS film. Ginger, an elephant, spent her entire life being mistreated and chained. 

Ginger was brought for her first walk free after being rescued and after receiving some care in an elephant hospital. 

“She is now able to walk, which is quite helpful. She will be able to recuperate fast as a result. The blind elephant is overjoyed to be outdoors. She detects adjacent grass, cool air, and even water. She uses a trunk as a compass to find her way,” a Wildlife SOS spokesperson said in the video. 

Ginger is seen in the video grabbing some leaves from a tree with his trunk. It is distressing to learn that an elephant can afford to walk freely and do whatever she wants for the first time in her life. 

We are so happy that we were able to liberate the elephant from a life of suffering in chains today, the rescuer remarked. 

You can view the video right here!


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