Brain Teaser Challenge: Can you spot the odd one windmill from the picture in 10 seconds?

Today, we have a brand-new challenge for you. You have an image with various drawings of windmills on it, and your task is to discover the odd one out of all of them. There are only 12 seconds available to complete this task. Brain teaser puzzles are fascinating and enjoyable to complete, but they need focus.
There are several windmills provided in various rows and columns in this Brain Teaser Puzzle challenge. You will win this challenge if you can identify the odd one in the image within 10 seconds. Go at the image very carefully before beginning the task because it might be challenging to identify the odd one out.

Are you ready for this challenge?

As we begin this assignment, take a moment to thoroughly review the image.

Your 10-second countdown has begun.

Have you discovered a unique windmill among the others?

I’ll give you a hint now.

Hint: Look at the left side of the picture to get the answer.

Maybe the hint was a little help to you? If so, find a different one right away.

Stop! Your time here is up.

We congratulate you if you have located the lone windmill. If not, the image below provides the solution to this puzzle.

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