Brain Teaser: Find the odd one stick from the picture in 12 seconds

Today’s Brain Teaser Puzzle tests how quickly your mind can identify any strange objects in an image. To do this, we’ll share a picture of a scene with you in which several sticks may be seen. There is one stick in the image that differs significantly from the others, and you need to find it. You just have 12 seconds to solve this puzzle; if you need more time than that, you will fail the challenge.
The image we have for you today is a viral problem from the category of brain teaser puzzles, which are really intriguing riddles that we frequently encounter on social media as well. Without further wait, let’s begin this task. Each row has 10 sticks and there are several rows. You need to swiftly scan all rows and columns in order to identify the odd stick in 12 seconds.

Your 12-second countdown has begun.

Have you noticed Odd Stick? No?

I’ll give you a hint now.

Hint: The odd stick is in the 2nd row of the image.

Stop. The time is up for you.

We applaud the readers who correctly identified the strange stick in the photograph, and for those who are still searching, the answer is shown in the image below.

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