Brain Teaser: Guess the plug from which light to turn on

We’ll show you an image of cables with three plugs, one of which is attached to a table light. You have to predict which of the three plugs will be plugged into the socket to switch on the table lamp’s light in today’s brain teaser challenge. For this guess, you have just five seconds. You need to take a close look at the image in order to find the solution, and then you need to set your watch’s timer for 5 seconds.

Brain Teaser Tasks are wonderful for boosting mental acuity and focus, and solving them is entertaining as well. We frequently come across a lot of these pictures on social media, which makes our time even more entertaining. We’re going to put your brain to the test today so you can see how quickly you can figure it out. Your 5-second timer will now begin when you press the start button on your watch. Are you aware of the plug that will switch on the light? No? You may find the solution by paying close attention to the image. The time is up for you. Let us now reveal the solution.

Brain Teaser Challenge Answer.

Trace all the cables to the table lamp. You will know that the table lamp will be on with the No.1 plug as all the other wires are not connected to the table lamp.

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