Brain Teaser: Identify which glass has more water from the given options

You can see 4 water-filled cups with various things in each of them in today’s intriguing Brain Teaser game. Determine which of these four cups has the least amount of water by carefully examining them. Although it appears like there is water in every glass, this is not the case. You’ll need to think a little to figure out this problem since the solution can only be found by focusing.

Although there is no set time restriction for you to finish the Brain Teaser puzzle, try to do it as quickly as you can. You must determine which glass has more water in this illustration, which contains scissors in the first glass, a paper clip in the second, a rubber in the third, and a watch in the fourth. You can determine the answer by giving the photograph one quick glance.

Did you get the answer to this? No? 

Think that while the answer is somewhat challenging, the solution is clear.

Many congratulations to those who found it and others who are still looking for the answer should keep looking. We will also let you know which glass has enough water if you are unable to solve it again.

Solution To This Brain Teaser Exercise. 

Look closely at this picture, Option A’s glass contains scissors; Option B’s glass has a paper clip; Option C’s glass has a rubber; and Option D’s glass has a watch. The glasses which have the lightest object inside them will have more water so the answer to this puzzle is a

Paper clip (B) 

as this is the lightest and smallest object.

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