Brain Test: Find the number of rats hidden in the picture within 5 seconds

The best approach to gauge your intelligence and problem-solving abilities is to complete a brain teaser puzzle. For your viewing pleasure today, we have a fascinating image of two lovely women chatting while perched on chairs and holding tea cups. The number of rats hidden in this image must be found, and you have only six seconds to make your prediction.

The optical illusion image challenges work wonders to sharpen your focus, and they’re also a terrific method to gauge your IQ. People on social media are going cross-eyed and feeling headaches from the above image, which was posted on Imgur by user @ottaken. Let’s get right to the challenge; set a timer for 6 seconds on your phone or smartwatch before we begin.

Your 6-second timer will now begin. 

Be quick! 3 seconds remain.

Have you solved this picture yet? Tell us the number of rats in the picture.

The time is up for you. Stop! 

Congratulations if you were able to solve this puzzle; if not, don’t be discouraged; we’ll give you the answer.

Brain Teaser Puzzle answer key. 

The first rat in the picture may be easily identified because it is clearly visible. The second rat is concealed in the woman’s hair who is seated to the left. Thus, there are two rats concealed in this image altogether.

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