Brain Test: Find the odd one YouTube logo in 5 seconds

These visuals are excellent for testing our ability to observe, and Brain Teaser activities are a lot of fun. To deduce the answer from these images, we must focus very hard. Social media is a fantastic platform where we may view many of these photos with the solution concealed inside the image, but it takes focus to locate the solution to each challenge.
We’re here for you today with a brand-new Brain Teaser Puzzle Challenge. Numerous YouTube logos can be seen in this image, but one stands out among the others. You will win this challenge if you can identify the outlier in the image in less than five seconds.
On social media platforms, this photo is quite popular. Before beginning this task, remember that you are not required to ask for aid. We caution you to carefully review the image before beginning since you only have a limited amount of time and will forfeit this challenge if you find the solution within the first five seconds.

Are you ready for this Brain Teaser challenge? 

Your five seconds have now begun.

Did you see the odd one logo?

Congratulations to those who figured out the peculiar YouTube logo. Those who are still having trouble can see the answer in the picture below.

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