Brain Test: Spot the Santa Claus carrying sack bursting with cash from the picture

A type of problem known as a brain teaser requires focus to solve since it is buried deep inside the image. This puzzle type makes spare time enjoyable. On social media, we can also see photographs pertaining to these riddles that people share with their friends and family in the hopes that they will be able to deduce the answers that are buried there.

We have included a fascinating image with today’s puzzle challenge, showing 165 Santa Clauses arranged in 15 columns and 11 rows. You must find Santa Claus carrying the sack filled to the brim with cash amid the other Christmas dads in the Santa Claus mob, which is separated into rows of red Santa Claus and maroon Santa Claus. Take a picture when you spot the Santa who is holding the most money. On social media, this picture is becoming viral quite a bit. The winner of this challenge is the one who can find it in 15 seconds; the loser is the person who is unable to discover it.

Your allotted 15 seconds have begun. 

Have you noticed the biggest money sack in the picture? No?

I’ll give you a hint now.

Clue: Santa Claus carrying the sack bursting with cash is on the right side of the image.

Be quick! a few seconds remain.

Stop wasting time on this! 

Congratulations to the person who correctly identified Santa Claus holding the sack filled to the brim with money in this image. You have won this challenge. Those who are still looking can find the solution in the picture below, which we have circled.

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