Britney Spears touchingly addressed her sons and admitted that she misses them very much!

American pop diva Britney Spears posted a moving letter to her boys after celebrating her birthday on December 2. The photographer who posted the photoblog said she missed Sean and Jayden. Britney claimed that she would do anything to touch them.

“For my two boys… I adore you. I’d give my life to you! Lord, guard my dear hearts! If I could just touch your face, I would do everything! I send my affection. Mamacita,” the artist wrote on Instagram.

Additionally, Britney displayed the current appearance of her youngest kid, Jaden. The artist shared a picture of a 16-year-old youngster posing against a wall in a black suit.

Remember that in 2007, when the court gave Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ ex-husband, custody, the kids were delivered to him. In 2008, Britney was forbidden from seeing her boys. After abusing alcohol and drugs, the singer sought therapy at a specialized center.

James Spears was Britney Spears’ guardian after she was ruled “temporarily incapacitated” in 2008. Guardianship was only abolished last fall.

The singer now has visions of her boys. She begs God to keep her children safe as she misses them terribly.

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