Can you find the umbrella hidden in the coffee shop within 6 seconds? Only 2% will pass

Try and see if you can spot it within 6 seconds.

Optical illusions have fascinated and perplexed human minds for generations by testing our capacity to see beyond the obvious. Optical illusion puzzles aim to push the limits of your imagination with mind-boggling pictures that fool your vision and hypnotic patterns that defy reason. These riddles are meant to help you discover what is there in front of you, concealed. These exercises are excellent for honing your observational abilities and sharpening your attention to detail. So, are you ready for the optical illusion puzzle that we have ready for you today? Let’s start.

Find the umbrella in 6 seconds.

We have picked this optical illusion puzzle for you today.

In the image above, you can see a coffee shop full of people. There are friends and couples sitting there having coffee. You can see the server smiling while delivering a hot cup of coffee to one of the customers. The cashier appears to be focused on wiping the counter’s surface while a guy stands near it. In this picture puzzle, an umbrella is also concealed. You are responsible for identifying the umbrella at the coffee shop. You have six seconds to solve this problem involving an optical illusion. So, grab your phones and set your timers. Your time has begun. All the best.

The answer to this brain problem may be found at the conclusion of this article. But be careful to just scroll down when your time has run out.

Optical Illusion Solution.

The man standing near the counter was next to the concealed umbrella in the coffee shop. Check it out for yourself:

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