Can you tell which direction the bus is going?

80% of the children surveyed coped with the task quite easily. Where does the bus go: right or left? But adults often thought, looked for a catch, came up with incredible theories. They love to complicate things. So, the picture shows a bus, beautiful, double-decker. However, there are few passengers. But this does not change the point. This riddle came up by the journalists of National Geographic. An interesting graphic puzzle came out. We’ve decided it’s time to test you too.

Where does the bus go: left or right

Look carefully at the picture at the beginning of the article and give an answer to our simple question. This simple task will help you use your mindfulness, turn on logic and show intelligence.

The answer to the bus puzzle

Now let’s find out the correct answer to the puzzle. The bus drives to the left. If you started looking at passengers, looking at who is standing and sitting, picking on a ginger cat who is also riding a bus, then it’s completely in vain. Because there was only one thing to pay attention to. On the bus door. They are not visible in the picture. Therefore, they are located on the other side. Based on this, it becomes clear that the bus is going to the left. It is also important that he rides, as you can see, on the right lane. Many begin to drag countries with left-hand traffic here.

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