Candace Cameron Bure Stands Firm Amid Backlash for ‘Inappropriate’ Photos with Husband

Candace Cameron Bure, the actress, has been getting a lot of attention in the media recently. She made some comments about “traditional marriage” that upset some of her fans. The latest fuss is about a picture she shared with her husband.

Candace met her husband, Valeri Bure, at a hockey game in 1994. They started dating that year and got married on June 22, 1996. They’ve been married for nearly 20 years and still make an effort to keep their love alive.

Candace posted a playful photo with her husband on Instagram, showing the fun side of their marriage. However, some people found the photo offensive.

Instead of backing down when she received criticism, Candace shared the photo again and even posted a follow-up video. She explained that their relationship was both sweet and spicy. In the second picture, Valeri has his arm around Candace’s shoulder, and his hand is on her chest.

Some fans told her that the photo was not suitable for a Christian star like her, but Candace didn’t apologize. She said, “Sorry if it offended you… I’m actually not sorry.” She laughed in the follow-up video and mentioned that they were having fun after so many years of marriage.

Candace explained that she was only showing the result of a good and healthy marriage after 24 years. She also said, “It makes me laugh because it’s my husband. He can touch me anytime he wants, and I hope he does.”

What do you think about Candace Cameron Bure and her husband’s marriage? Please share your thoughts on this article!

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