Choose a Christmas tree and find out how and where you will spend the New Year!

A test that allows you to determine how you like to celebrate the holidays. Choose the Christmas tree you like and compare what your subconscious gives out with real preferences.

1) New Year is the time for an active party in the club! Light music flashes, the beat shakes, cocktails intoxicate, people have fun, and the mood rises! In a couple of hours, you are dancing in the center of the general circle, charging those around you with your energy!

2) The most traditional approach: a pile of confetti, and a crowd of friends/relatives. You are certainly an ideal hostess or hospitable host; the main thing is that you like it! In all the mess of ironies and fates, herrings and fur coats, do not forget to just relax! You deserve it like no other!

3) Do you prefer to celebrate the New Year in a cafe or restaurant, with a big company and entertainment program, a cheerful presenter and excellent cuisine! Instead of cleaning/cooking and other everyday delights, you decorate yourself! There is nothing shameful in this – that’s why it is a holiday to relax!

4) The square in the city center, a night walk, and the brightest fireworks will help your mood soar to the skies! This is much better than tripling the yearly feast for the stomach. Strangers congratulate on the street and everything around becomes kinder for all eternity!

5) Do you organize a holiday professionally? Or wrap gifts for children and grandchildren? Or snowman on a voluntary basis? “We bring laughter and joy to people” – your life credo! You give others faith in a fairy tale – when else to do it, if not on New Year’s Eve! Santa Claus thanks for the help!

6) Are you newlyweds or adult children have already moved out, and your second honeymoon is starting? In any case, you prefer to celebrate the New Year together with your loved one. And let the whole world wait! Or maybe you have not yet met your soul mate and are only dreaming about it? Be sure that 2023 has prepared a pleasant surprise – it was not without reason that this Christmas tree attracted you!

7) For that year and a new one, to open up unknown horizons! You love a sea of ​​emotions and positive impressions. Where this time – love Paris, foggy London, or heady Prague? The main thing is to charge there properly!

8) You do not like holidays and dream of being closed at home by everyone? Why not?! And whatever the reason behind this desire is, you have every right to do so! Reflection alone is a great way to reset! Be happy!

9) Better mountains can only be New Year’s mountains that are covered with magical snow and accompanied by active recreation – snowboarding, skating, and skiing! You are planning to spend this night at a resort or a sanatorium, combining a holiday for body and soul! Keep it up!

10) Who said that the New Year should come with snow? And if with a palm tree, but on the golden sand, drinking fruit smoothies and admiring the purple sunset? Not enough opportunities? Why not order a pineapple pizza to take home or enjoy a coconut body scrub in the bath? We are looking for our own barriers. Remember – you are the only source of your mood!

11) New Year is definitely a family holiday for you! Tomorrow you can go anywhere, and today let most relatives gather at the table. The main thing is the feeling of unity!

12) A win-win option is an outing into nature! A private house, a wood-fired sauna, the smell of barbecue, snow-covered trees – this is all for you! In nature, you rest from the noise of civilization, being filled with strength for new achievements!

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