Choose a couple and find out everything about your attitude to love

Every person’s relationship with love is different. Some of us try to grab hold of this magical feeling by all means. Others run from him like fire. Of course, we are all different. Sometimes love does not give any moral satisfaction, causing only an attack of depression and melancholy.

The fact is that our partner is simply not able to give us the necessary emotions. The situation also has an inverse vector. Often we ourselves do not understand what a loved one wants from us. What kind of relationship can be built with you? This simple test will answer this difficult question.

Pair choice

Look at the image of the three couples presented in the picture below. You need to name the one who feels happier than the others. Do not try to analyze all possible options in advance. Answer purely intuitively and reliably.

The options look like this:

  • a man and a woman at a distance from each other;
  • man and woman under one blanket;
  • man and woman in an embrace.

Now it’s time to deal with the interpretation of each example. Let’s talk about all the variations from the specified list in more detail.

1) A man and a woman at a distance from each other

You will feel happiness in love only if your partner experiences the same feelings. No selfishness or a one-sided game is possible here.

Act boldly and decisively. Just ask your loved one what he wants and try to give him those feelings. You yourself will not notice how you will find happiness.

2) Man and woman under one blanket

There is only one way to achieve your love: a strong and deep feeling. If you believe that your loved one is not indifferent to you, then answer him the same.

That’s just the slightest falsity you feel a kilometer away. As a result, you often refuse people who swear love to the grave.

3) Man and woman in an embrace

You are very romantic and somewhat vulnerable. Because of this, often you do not even understand the full power of love that nature has instilled in you.

Only the person who has a similar need can open it. You can feel joy with a romantic. The union will be very harmonious and strong.

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