Choose a dessert and find out how to solve your problem

For most people, ice cream is their favorite treat. That is what we will use today in order to solve your problem. Psychologists say that it is a visualization that can quickly help you find the answer in your subconscious.

How to access your subconscious?

In order to talk to your “inner self” and get an answer to resolve a particular situation, you need to follow just a few steps.

  • Try to relax.
  • Think about the situation that is bothering you.
  • Take a look at the images provided.
  • Choose the ice cream that you would definitely eat.

It is very important that you make your choice as soon as possible. Don’t use logic! You only need to use your intuition.

What is your subconscious telling you?

Chose number 1 – your situation is fateful. That is why you need to be very careful in your choice. You already know how to proceed. Rely on your feelings and intuition. Only in this way you can calmly resolve everything.

Ice cream number 2 – something unforgettable awaits you ahead. This means that what you have in mind will be resolved in your favor. In this case, you will be pleasantly surprised. After that, a complete rest awaits you.

Your choice number 3 – if your situation is related to the acquisition of something or material means, then this means that everything will be decided in your favor. You can not even worry and just enjoy the moment because the plan will come true.

Ice cream at number 4 – did you think of some kind of event or something related to social activities? In this case, you need to be careful. It is better to refrain from any gatherings and trips. Otherwise, it will turn into a terrible embarrassment for you.

Chose number 5 – the situation you have guessed can turn against you. This is because too much depends on other people. Now is such a period that even those whom you could always trust can let you down. If you want everything to be decided in your favor, then you should rely solely on your own strength.

Ice cream number 6 – if your situation is related to love affairs, then you can only expect success. Love will give you real wings! You will feel refreshed. It is very important that you be sincere in relationships with loved ones.

You now have a powerful weapon! You know how the situation you envisioned will be resolved. Remember that if you are not satisfied with the prediction, then you can change everything. After all, fate is always in your hands!

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