Choose a key and find out what awaits you in the near future

1. If you have chosen the first key, something unusual, extraordinary, something that will unsettle you for a while awaits you. It can be unexpected news, some kind of surprise, a bright adventure, or an interesting offer.

2. If you have chosen the second key, the mood will be positive in the near future. You are provided with positive emotions, a fun pastime. This is a good time for new beginnings and communication with people who are close in spirit.

3. If you have chosen the third key, good news awaits you. The news can relate to both work and personal life. In the near future, it’s good for you to go on a trip or change something in your life. These changes will benefit you.

4. If you have chosen key number 4, you will have good luck in finances. Unexpected cash receipts are likely, you may be returned a debt that you have already forgotten about, or you will win the lottery.

5. Key number 5 says that it’s time to devote time to loved ones. This time is great to make contact, make peace if you are in a quarrel with someone, and spend soulful evenings in the company of dear people.

6. If you have chosen the sixth key, a love adventure or a romantic meeting awaits you. If you are single, an interesting person may appear on the horizon. And if you have a soulmate, the relationship will become more tender, feelings – deeper, and nights – stormy.

7. The seventh key says that you will want to touch the art. Interesting books, trips to museums and theaters, visits to exhibitions and vernissages – all this will not only develop you culturally but also give you a lot of positive emotions. And you can also expect an interesting acquaintance in cultural places of rest.

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