Choose a symbol and find out what problem is tormenting you from your past life!

Many of our problems are related to past life experiences, and these problems may still need to be healed. The deeper you understand yourself, the easier it is for you to solve these problems.

1. Trust:  In a past life, you were often lied to and often taken advantage of your kindness. It’s hard for you to trust others these days. You begin to doubt every person you meet. There comes a time when you become too suspicious. Try not to immediately judge who should be trusted and who should not.

2. Boundaries:  One of your problems in relationships is learning to trust your opinions and say “no” when you feel like it. In a past life, you were so in need of approval that you said yes to everyone and lost your mind. Not everyone will love you, so you should not please everyone by sacrificing your well-being.

3. Fear of action: In this life, you struggle with toxic people and situations. In a previous life, people were expelled from your life without warning – death, illness, war, etc. If you are unhappy with your relationships with others, then it is better to get rid of unhealthy situations and give yourself time to heal.

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